Six ways DisplayLink can improve your business productivity and support costs

Advantages of Universal Docks

Advantage of DisplayLink technology in Universal Docking Stations

See how DisplayLink technology can be used to turn the USB port of your laptop or tablet into a docking station connector, allowing you to connect multiple displays, audio, Ethernet and other USB peripherals - all through a single USB cable.

Latest IT technology at Interop 2013

DisplayLink at Interop 2013

DisplayLink demonstrate some of the cool things they're doing now, including connecting a Surface Pro tablet to an external touch-screen monitor (which includes a docking station in its base) and a Macbook Pro system connecting to a Lenovo docking station to provide multiple monitor extensions.

Installation deployment

MSI File Download

Download DisplayLink's MSI files to deploy DisplayLink software throughout our orgainsation.

1. Provide a docking solution for Ultrabooks, Windows Pro tablets and MacBooks

A universal dock containing technology from DisplayLink solves the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) problem in IT, by providing a docking solution for the new generation of mobile computing platforms. Any Windows Pro tablet with a USB port can be docked to a DisplayLink docking station to connect multiple displays, audio, Ethernet and other USB perhipherals.

2. Easily add multiple monitors

Do you want multi-monitor PCs without having to install expensive graphics cards? DisplayLink USB to Video adapters makes it possible using the computer’s USB port. No extra hardware is necessary, and up to six DisplayLink adapters can be used to connect six USB displays.

3. Standardize docking stations

DisplayLink USB docking stations enable multiple USB devices to be connected to the computer using a single USB cable. DisplayLink supports Windows XP onwards and Mac OS X 10.6 onwards. This allows IT administrators to standardize on one docking station throughout the organization, even if users are using Laptops, Ultrabooks, Windows Pro Surface Tablets or MacBooks.

4. Reduce replacement costs

With a DisplayLink universal dock, you no longer need to replace the docking station if you switch to a different laptop model or brand. Universal USB docking stations are also more affordable than traditional proprietary docks.

5. Improve employee productivity

In a slow economy, employees are asked to do more with less. Multiple monitors can increase user productivity by up to 50%, according to a Microsoft Study.

6. Use 80% less power with USB graphics

Multiple displays can be an energy drain, particularly in a multi-user corporate environment. With energy conservation a priority for IT departments worldwide, DisplayLink technology offers a way to expand the visual workplace with minimal power expenditure.

Traditional desktop systems use additional discrete graphics cards to power multiple displays. DisplayLink’s USB-powered graphics adapters, docks and displays offer significant energy savings:

  • Up to 80% less power consumption than discrete graphics cards.
  • Four USB-powered displays consume only 22% more power than a single display.

Multi-display with USB graphics in a corporate environment can result in reduced electrical consumption; lower building cooling costs and less strain on surge protectors.

Look for DisplayLink USB Graphics products

DisplayLink have proven USB graphics technology & software deployed and used on millions of computers globally.

Proven interoperability meeting the requirements of the world’s leading Fortune 100 & 500 companies.

DisplayLink software drivers can be distributed throughout corporations using standard MSI files.

Find products based on DisplayLink technology in the DisplayLink shop below.

Universal Docking Stations

USB docking stations compatible with any notebook, even those without a proprietary docking connector

USB Monitors

Monitors with DisplayLink USB graphics built in. Just plug in USB and you have an extra monitor on your PC

USB Graphics Adapters

DisplayLink graphics adapters can attach any monitor to a computer as an additional display.

Other Products

Other unique products based on DisplayLink USB graphics technology

IT Manager's Feedback: Toshiba Dynadocks

"The University buys the computers and peripherals indirectly from Toshiba. We have different notebook models ranging from high to low end. When docking or port replication was a requirement the Dynadock was the best choice for us, due to two reasons: the Dynadock works with every single notebook as they connect via USB, and therefore, very convenient, as well as they are much more affordable than a proprietary docking station.

The Dynadock is very easy to use, USB plug-and-play. We rolled-out 50 units, and IT support required less than five minutes per unit and desk to deploy."

Stephen Batie, Computer Equipment Support, The Open University